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sunny-home-page-title-mft sunny-sabbini-111homeHave you gone from having a close and joyful relationship to fighting all the time, feeling hurt, disheartened, frustrated, or resentful? Wondering how you even got here, and where to go from here? You might even be struggling with your own or your partner’s health, mental health or substance issues on top of it all. Not sure your relationship can survive this?

Clashes happen, even for deeply committed couples. These crises and tensions are an opportunity for even deeper connections to grow. As challenging or uncomfortable it might be, it is important to not shy away from conflict or difficulty. Many people feel they have to cut off essential parts of themselves to maintain the relationship, but that will only lead to resentment and withdrawal in the long-run.

For a relationship to be sustainable, it needs to become big enough and resilient enough to hold two full people with all of their dimensions.

Together, we’ll bring gratitude, compassion, connection and collaboration into your life to uncover a more satisfying relationship. Our sessions will give you a safe place to explore what’s going on for both of you. I will stay there with you supporting you to discover and express your truth and reclaim the parts of yourself you have surrendered. We’ll find new ways to express what’s on your mind and build the skills that help you and your relationship heal. And you’ll have clear activities to practice between sessions, to further the gains we make in session.

Want to get back on track to a happier life and healthier relationship? If you are ready to open up to growth and renewed connection, take the first step and call or email me today for your free consultation.

Sunny Sabbini, MFT
In Therapy With Me • Our work together can help you and your relationship thrive
• Discover healthier ways to cope
• Communicate effectively
• Feel more connected to yourself and your partner
• Manage life’s challenges together
• Learn skills and tools that will be available for life

Regain your balance and redesign a more fulfilling life and relationship today.

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